Clara Schumann (1819-1896), Romantic composer and pianist. Clara was born into a musical family; her mother was a famous singer and her father was a piano instructor and music reviewer. She learned piano at a very young age, mostly because of her batshit insane tiger father. By the age of 11…


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Rimsky-Korsakov’s description of woodwinds. Hilarious.


Rimsky-Korsakov’s description of woodwinds. Hilarious.

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Okay everyone needs to hear this.

It is safe to assume that nearly every piece of fucking information that is seen on the news regarding the rescue mission that is taking place is fake.

When it was reported that people where pumping oxygen into the ferry, they were in process of fucking setting…

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Stay Strong Korea.

Stay Strong Korea.

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*At last


*At last

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"Persephone" by Lyrota

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If you find any mistakes please send me an ask and I’ll fix it immediately! This is my first time drawing a comic. Hope you like it.

Well this is what I spent almost a week on, nearly without breaks. The idea is that Hans killed Elsa near the end and Anna had to run away with Kristoff to save herself. Despite what Hans thought, killing Elsa wouldn’t remove the winter, and so he started looking for Anna when he saw she was gone. He didn’t expect Anna, who had been toughened by the merciless wilderness of Arendelle, to be ready for when he finally did find her.

Thanks to the brilliant Gingerhaole for feeding my brain with such a wonderful au idea, and actually bringing me to make this reality, and thanks to everyone who kept me company in my livestreams. You make my world go round, guys!

I’m absolutely positively in love with this. It is everything I needed to satisfy the emotional thirsts I had when I drew the piece that inspired this — the violence, the bass thud; his desperation, grasping at straws, still taunting until his last breath; her rage, transcended messy hysteria for the focused calm of a Shaolin monk. Her benevolent expression in the second-to-last page, the hand on his chest, on his cold, cold heart. The viscera and departure.

Holly, this is just a masterpiece. I could float in these pages like a ghost. And I can’t describe how proud and honored I am that anything I did gave way to something this beautiful.

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pacific beach {san diego}


pacific beach {san diego}

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Loki in Stuttgart

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